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Who We Are

Apartment Complex

What We Do

Merger Capital Partners centers around acquiring income-producing investment opportunities, and niche properties that are underperforming. Merger Capital Partners is committed to providing stellar service and opportunities to working-class individuals, business owners, and all who are interested in up-leveling their financial portfolio with our unique Multifamily Partnership Investing model. Working together with our partners, we can deliver on the promise that we strategically provide a state-of-the-art environment and experience that cannot be replicated.  Everyone is our network is a top priority. We diligently work to advocate the well-being and prosperity of our investors, tenants, and staff.

We find the best real estate syndication deals for our investors. We have a strategic extensive vetting process so that we may provide the best opportunities. We help people build a passive income portfolio through multifamily real estate investments with a vision of helping them achieve their financial goals.

In addition to providing investment opportunities, our team is here to assist our investor network with any questions and further education they might need.


Our Core Team

Berkita Roy

Founder & CEO

Berkita Roy founded Merger Capital Partners with a passion to innovate and expand opportunities for others to acquire wealth and quality of living through the art of Real Estate Investing. 

Berkita's expertise unfolds in the areas of residential real estate, wealth management, the semiconductor industry, entrepreneurship, and other elite financial & business services. Berkita has partnered in 144 doors and has been recognized as Multi-Million Dollar Producer for real estate. With over 20 years as a residential realtor, and retired after 26 years in the semiconductor industry, Berkita yields blended real estate and technology insight and connections that scale


Berkita has become a trailblazer for Multifamily Partnership Investing and is building a powerhouse investor alliance with the launch of Merger Capital Partners. Berkita says that Merger Capital Partner's mission excels beyond its name and strives to be partners to its investors, tenants, and staff while expanding it's empire.


Berkita's success has soared with her firm belief in the power of teamwork and that together everyone accomplishes more.

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Patience Gabrieal

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

As Chief Marketing Officer and part of the leadership team, Patience strives to strengthen Merger Capital Partner's position as the preeminent national brand for Multifamily Partnership Investing. Patience leads our enterprise marketing initiatives to support our firm's market stability and ensure we structure & maintain our partner acquisition channels.

Patience routinely evaluates our marketing programs and services and measures the return on investment garnered by both our company and partnership network.


Patience also aims to continually enhance communications across the organization, streamlining our messaging to better connect with and inform all partners on current plans, goals & opportunities. .

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